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Birth Mother Stories

Birth Mother Stories

The Lifetime Adoption Foundation is a non-profit organization which awards financial assistance and scholarships to women who have made an adoption plan. We feel blessed to be able to grant these women with educational scholarships in recognition of the choice they’ve made for their children.
By choosing adoption, these birth mothers create a future, not only for the adoptive couple but also for their child. It’s wonderful for us to be able to see birth moms realizing their dreams of attending college with our adoption scholarships! Here, birth mothers share their stories in their own words:

Lindsay Foundation Scholarship applicant

“My Life-changing Experience With Adoption Has Made Me a Better Person”

This birth mother made an adoption plan for her baby when she was a single mother struggling to raise a two-year-old. So, her current work with economically disadvantaged families is something she feels she destined for.
Read her full story here…

“My Child Shouldn’t Have to Pay for My Mistakes”

Upon realizing that she was pregnant, this birth mother came to realize that she wouldn’t be able to raise her child the way she wanted to. She chose to make an adoption plan, because as she puts it, “My child shouldn’t have to pay for my mistakes…I wasn’t going to let her be raised on welfare and without a father, it was so unfair to allow that to happen. She deserved a better life.” Read her story here…

Foundation Scholarship applicant Briana
Lindsay Foundation Scholarship applicant

“I Want to Reach Others Who May Be Scared or Unsure”

The adoption process can take a major emotional toll on birth mothers, as this woman attests. She shares about her journey from denial to acceptance. Now, her goal is to become an ultrasound technician at a crisis pregnancy center, so that she can help inform women about adoption. Read her thoughts here…

“The Scholarship Helps Those Who Have Sacrificed So Much”

One birth mother shares her story of choosing adoption, how she dealt with grief afterward, and her interest in helping other women who find themselves in a similar situation. In her essay, she says “I really feel like the scholarship program for birth mothers is a great way to help out those who have sacrificed a lot to make others happy.” Read her adoption story here…

Foundation Scholarship applicant Briana
Lindsay Foundation Scholarship applicant

“I Want Everyone to Know What a Blessing Adoption Can Be”

This birth mother shares how she hopes to make her daughter proud and set a positive example for her. To her, an education means a future and becoming a role model to girls who find themselves with an unplanned pregnancy. Read her essay here…

Brianna’s Letter

Lifetime Adoption Foundation is excited to share this Birth Mother’s letter of being able to fulfill her dream of going to college. Read her letter here…

Foundation Scholarship applicant Briana
Lindsay Foundation Scholarship applicant

Lindsay’s Letter

Lindsay is happy about beginning her college career, thanks to a scholarship from Lifetime Foundation. Read her letter here…