Birth Mother Stories

Read birth mother stories about the choice of adoption. The Lifetime Adoption Foundation is a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization which awards financial assistance and scholarships to women who have made an adoption plan. We feel blessed to be able to grant these women with educational scholarships in recognition of the choice they’ve made for their children.

By choosing adoption, these birth mothers create a future, not only for adoptive couples but also for their child. It’s wonderful for us to be able to see birth moms realizing their dreams of attending college with our adoption scholarships! Here, birth mothers share their stories in their own words:

“My Child Shouldn’t Have to Pay for My Mistakes”

Upon realizing that she was pregnant, this birth mother came to realize that she wouldn’t be able to raise her child the way she wanted to. She chose to make an adoption plan, because as she puts it, “My child shouldn’t have to pay for my mistakes…I wasn’t going to let her be raised on welfare and without a father, it was so unfair to allow that to happen. She deserved a better life.” Read her story here…

“My Life-changing Experience With Adoption Has Made Me a Better Person”

Another of our birth mother stories, this one is about a birth mother who made an adoption plan for her baby when she was a single mother struggling to raise a two-year-old. This ultimately led to the work she feels destined to be doing today, working with economically disadvantaged families.
Read her full story here…

“I Knew I Couldn’t Provide the Home a Child Deserves”

When she got pregnant, this birth mother was leading a life of partying and irresponsibility and realized she wouldn’t be able to give her child a stable home. She shares, “I decided adoption was the only answer. Once I made the choice of adoption, I never had second thoughts. I knew I made the right decision and I still feel the same way today.” Here’s her story…

“I Want to Reach Others Who May Be Scared or Unsure”

The adoption process can take a major emotional toll on birth mothers, as this woman attests. She shares about her journey from denial to acceptance. Now, her goal is to become an ultrasound technician at a crisis pregnancy center, so that she can help inform women about adoption. Read her thoughts here…

“The Scholarship Helps Those Who Have Sacrificed So Much”

One birth mother shares her story of choosing adoption, how she dealt with grief afterward, and her interest in helping other women who find themselves in a similar situation. In her essay, she says “I really feel like the scholarship program for birth mothers is a great way to help out those who have sacrificed a lot to make others happy.” Read her adoption story here…

“I Want Everyone to Know What a Blessing Adoption Can Be”

This birth mother shares how she hopes to make her daughter proud and set a positive example for her. To her, an education means a future and becoming a role model to girls who find themselves with an unplanned pregnancy. Read her essay here…

Brianna’s Letter

Lifetime Adoption Foundation is excited to share this Birth Mother’s letter of being able to fulfill her dream of going to college. Read her letter here…

Lindsay’s Letter

Lindsay is happy about beginning her college career, thanks to a scholarship from Lifetime Foundation. Read her letter here…

Making Hard Choices

During my senior year, I had an unplanned pregnancy with my boyfriend of African American background. I was forced with an ultimatum by my parents to choose an abortion for my unborn child or leave their home. My parents tried to justify my opinion of having an abortion by saying that my child would be unhealthy if I was to carry to full term. Despite their efforts of forcing me what to do, I decided to leave their home instead. I found a Christian maternity housing ministry where they provided me with a home, food, clothing, emotional support, and love.

One of the biggest challenges as a birth parent-student is moving on without any support from your family. Had I not left my parents’ home and become a client of the Christian housing program, I might have had an abortion like the majority of young women in my situation today. This scholarship will help me in gaining a second chance at becoming a healthy, independent, productive member of society.

Meg, Age 22

Trusting in Him…

I found out I was pregnant while I was in my freshman year of college. My parents and I felt like my dreams were crushed with the news of an unplanned pregnancy at such a young age. We all now thank God that He had bigger plans, and since I trusted in Him, my dreams can now come true.
I am excited about my education and have always had big dreams and goals for my future.
Placing a child for adoption is probably the hardest thing a mother could do. I have never expected anything in return for this act, but this scholarship would be an award of encouragement.

I am ready to do something really big in my life, and I hope one day to meet my daughter and make her proud. I have full confidence in the story of my past and the plans for my future and that this scholarship will be an investment into a future in which I can one day share my story and help others to choose life for their unborn child.

Brit, Age 26

Choosing Your Own Path…

After 6 months of hiding the pregnancy, at 15, my mother approached me and I confessed. My father then came into the room, put his hands around my throat and held me against the wall, and said, “You are going to have an abortion!”
The crisis center didn’t understand why I was so upset; I was not suicidal or a drug user, instead, I was a straight “A” sophomore, captain of the swim team and pregnant. My parents had little contact with me other than thru my OBGYN. I voiced my request against abortion. I was already 25 weeks; abortion was no longer an option for my parents.

My parents requested that I not see my baby girl, but my OBGYN snuck me into the nursery. I help her for my first and last time. I think of her, 15 years later, daily.

Since then, I have obtained my Master’s degree. Now, as a wife and mom of a 9 and 10 year old…I am looking forward to going back to school for my MBA. Scholarship funds would be an enormous blessing, as the financial constraints of education are challenging.

Tia, Age 30

Fourteen & Pregnant!

I became a birth parent at 14. My boyfriend, now husband, and I were pregnant and we were terrified to tell our parents. The day finally came when my mom asked me why my pants could not be zipped up.

This is when she finally knew the truth. My mom freaked and immediately started crying. She told me that I would not be going to school. We ended up driving to a clinic to confirm what I already knew, that I was 5 ½ months pregnant.

We went over my options of keeping the baby, abortion, or adoption. I felt forced into the option of abortion and ended up making an appointment for one for the next week.

I had been feeling my daughter kick at night and in the early morning and knew, in my gut, that I did not want to do that!
We ended up canceling the appointment and decided that the best thing for our unborn daughter was adoption.
My biggest challenge as a birth parent has also been my biggest motivation, graduating from college.

Sara, Age 20

Adoption, A Far Away Idea…

I found out that I was pregnant at the age of seventeen. I knew that I was not ready to care for a child. I was a high school dropout, with no job, and nowhere to call home. I knew that under my circumstances, it would be unfair to bring a child into my life. The thought of adoption was a faraway idea. I was so confused, but I wanted my son to have a stable loving life. Adoption became the best choice for my son and me.

I receive no financial support from my family. What my loan doesn’t cover, I pay out of my pocket. School gets very expensive. I pay all of my own living expenses. It is hard has to choose between groceries and books, but I am going to succeed in my education and my career, even if it means paying off loans for the rest of my life.

My education is the most important thing in my life right now. It’s the first step to living out my dream. This scholarship would help me out so much, by giving me one less thing to worry about on top of my bills, my job, and my schoolwork.

Jill, Age 22