Lifetime Adoption Foundation is dedicated to the development of healthy and fulfilling futures.

Lifetime Adoption Foundation

Building Families and Futures Through Adoption Grants & Educational Scholarships

Lifetime Foundation


Lifetime Adoption Foundation is dedicated to the development of healthy and fulfilling futures.

All children need a loving family who can provide guidance, opportunity, and the promise of a full life.
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Birth mothers deserve the opportunity for a future after adoption in the same way they have ensured a healthy future for their child. We help provide these through:

  • Educational opportunities for birth mothers who have lovingly chosen adoption.
  • Assistance to birth parents in need of basic necessities.
  • Nationwide outreach which educates women about their choices of adoption.

Additionally, Lifetime Foundation assists families who are caring for or desire to care for children who would otherwise be in difficult situations or state care. We help through:

  • Adoption grants for families opening their hearts to hard-to-place children.
  • Direct help and donations to families in need of items such as food, clothing, school supplies and children’s items.
  • Advocacy for families who are living in sub-poverty situations.


Do you have any questions about our grants or scholarships? Please call Lifetime Adoption Foundation at 530-271-1756.

Consider taking a moment to donate a few dollars to help a birth mother with her future or a child find a family.

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Scholarships for Adopted Children: We are unable to offer scholarships for adopted children due to limited funds.




“Thank you for offering such a wonderful scholarship. It is wonderful to see an organization that recognizes what birth parents experience and is dedicated to helping them achieve their goals. Finding your website was certainly a blessing when I was searching for options.”
Ann, a birth mother and scholarship applicant
“I am glad to see that birth mothers are appreciated. I feel that giving my child up for adoption was a very hard thing, but also that a lot of people do not try and understand how hard it is. Thanks for showing birth mothers appreciation!”
Jenny, a birth mother visiting our site
“Thank you for supporting my education! This journey is incredible and I am grateful to have so much support in my life. I hope we can continue to inspire birth moms to reach for their dreams together!”
Amanda, a recent scholarship recipient