Bracelets and Charms Make Great Adoption Gifts!

If you’re looking for gifts for a special holiday, our exclusive adoption bracelets celebrate the hope and prayer of every adoptive parent. If you know someone whose life has been touched by adoption, this is a wonderful gift! They are handmade in the U.S. and 100% of the proceeds support our adoption grant and birth mother scholarship programs. If you are looking for adoption symbol jewelry, our newest bracelet or charm is the perfect way to share the symbol for adoption. The three points of the triangle represent the child (at the top), the birth family, and the adoptive parents. The heart intertwined represents the love involved in the relationship of adoption! Shop now and share this special symbol with someone who has been blessed by adoption. The bangles adjust to most any sized wrist. Be sure to shop our sale bracelets too!

adoption symbol charm

Mothers Day Bracelet Sale

Every dollar from the sale of these bracelets and charms goes to help women in need. Supporting birth mothers is one of the missions of the Lifetime Adoption Foundation and is the very reason that this nonprofit was started. We help birth mothers buy the necessities they need during pregnancy and even help with educational scholarships after the birth of their child. You can also shop our Amazon Wish List for birth moms. We believe that birth mothers provide a wonderful gift to their child and the adoptive parents by choosing adoption and we believe that they deserve the gift of a bright future as well. So keep shopping for the perfect symbol for adoption.