Birth mother walking around college

Educational Scholarships for Birth Mothers

We proudly offer educational scholarships in deep appreciation to birth mothers who have chosen adoption for their children. They have enabled others to experience the joy of becoming parents and created futures, not only for those families but also for their children, for a lifetime.

Many birth mothers take this time to consider what they want their future to look like and to set some goals. If your goals include furthering your education through community college, university, or a trade school, we would like to help. Our scholarship program is available to any birth mother that has placed a child for adoption any time after 1990. (Records prior to this year are difficult to verify. For this reason, this date was chosen when we started offering help to birth mothers.) We must have verification of the adoption from the adoption professional that handled the adoption. A woman whose adoption has not been legally finalized is not eligible for the birth mother scholarship.
I wanted to give everyone at Lifetime an update. I graduated in December from university, and now I have a job working in Human Resources at a local hospital. I want to thank Lifetime again for the scholarships and for helping me achieve my goals!

Lifetime Birth Mother

Things to remember when applying for a scholarship for birth mothers:



Transcripts or report card from high school or college showing a GPA of 2.0 or higher.


Letter from College

Attach a letter from the registrar’s office as proof of enrollment or acceptance. Your registrar’s office can email verification to: foundation@lifetimefoundation.org.

Proof of Adoption

Verification from your adoption professional or the court that the adoption has occurred.

How to apply for a scholarship for birth mothers:

  • Read the things to remember above.
  • Fill out the online scholarship form below completely. If you have questions during the process, please call us at (530) 271-1756.
  • If you would rather receive the application packet by mail, please call (530) 271-1756.

All submission materials become the property of Lifetime Adoption Foundation and will not be returned to you. Questions? Please contact us.