Gifting Lifetime Adoption Foundation as Part of Your Will or Trust

Adoption touches many lives. Whether you are adopted, have adopted a child, have placed a child for adoption, or know someone who has experienced any of these situations, you know what an impact adoption has.

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Lifetime Adoption Foundation relies on donations for birth mothers who are in need. We offer educational scholarships for birth mothers who are interested in moving forward with their education either through university or trade school. These brave women have made the difficult, yet brave decision to give their child more than they could and are hoping to improve their lives and create a successful future. We also provide counseling, help with necessities such as rent and utilities, and hospital stay bags to name just a few ways we support birth mothers.

In addition, we support adoptive families that may need some extra assistance due to adopting a hard-to-place baby or sibling group. When a baby has special needs that require additional resources or a sibling group, that may mean a family is adopting more children than they had anticipated; we are here to help. For medically fragile children, a forever family is a lifeline to ensure they have the greatest opportunity for a safe and stable home, getting the specialized care they need.

Consider, as you create or update your will or trust, including Lifetime Adoption Foundation as a beneficiary. Supporting an adoption nonprofit organization is a charitable act that will leave a legacy for adoption. It will live on through the birth mothers and adoptive families that Lifetime Adoption Foundation helps.


How Will it Work?

  1. Meet with your estate lawyer and designate an asset, a percentage of your estate, securities, or a specific monetary amount to Lifetime Adoption Foundation. This can be done when you create your will or trust. If your will or trust is already in place, you can amend it by simply adding an amendment document.
  2. Lifetime Adoption Foundation is a 501(C)3 nonprofit so indicate our Tax ID #68-0418994 for tax saving benefits.
  3. You can also easily donate what is left in your retirement plan by adding Lifetime Adoption Foundation as your plan successor beneficiary. Just contact your retirement plan representative.
  4. Contact Lifetime Adoption Foundation to inform them of your plans, especially if they include bequests of real estate, other items, or property.
  5. Once your will or trust goes through probate, the funds or assets you have chosen will be distributed to Lifetime Adoption Foundation and be used to assist birth mothers and adoptive families in need.

What are the Benefits?

  • Your donation will cost you nothing at his time, and if you are bequeathing property or other assets, they remain in your control throughout your lifetime.
  • Your donation is fully deductible for federal and state estate taxes and is usually exempt from state inheritance tax.
  • You can remain anonymous if that is your preference.
  • The donation may help reduce the inheritance taxes for the heirs of your will or trust.
  • You can add “donated in memory of” to your donation to honor someone special in your life.
Adoptive Family with Child

Why is it Important?

  • It is only through generous donations that Lifetime Adoption Foundation is able to provide help to these birth families and adoptive families in need.
  • A bequest in your will to our adoption nonprofit organization will ensure your legacy will live on.
  • A scholarship to a birth mother that allows her to graduate college and move on to a successful career or assistance given to a family willing to adopt a sibling group of four, keeping the brothers and sisters together will make a difference in so many lives.

Lifetime Adoption Foundation’s mission to help birth mothers and adoptive families cannot be fulfilled without the generous donations we receive. We appreciate any and all contributions made by our charitable donors.

Disclaimer: It is important to consult with your attorney or financial consultant for accurate and up-to-date tax information regarding your will or trust.

Alone, we can do so little: together, we can do so much.

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