Add Our Adoption Charity to Your Will

As you create or update your will, consider including Lifetime Adoption Foundation as a beneficiary. Supporting an adoption nonprofit organization is a charitable act that will leave a legacy for adoption. It will live on through the birth mothers and adoptive families that Lifetime Adoption Foundation helps.

Adoption touches many lives. Whether you are adopted, have adopted a child, have placed a child for adoption, or know someone who has experienced any of these situations, you know what an impact adoption has. Lifetime Adoption Foundation relies on donations to assist those on an adoption journey who are in need. Providing counseling, educational scholarships, help with necessities such as rent and utilities, and hospital stay bags are just a few ways we support birth mothers.

We also support adoptive families that may need some extra assistance due to adopting a hard to place baby or sibling group. When a baby has special needs that require additional resources or a sibling group, that may mean a family is adopting more children than they had anticipated, and we are here to help. For these often medically fragile children, a forever family is a lifeline to ensure they have the greatest opportunity for a safe and stable home, getting the specialized care they need.

Adoptive Family with Child
It is only through generous donations that Lifetime Adoption Foundation is able to provide help to these birth families and adoptive families. A bequest in your will to our adoption nonprofit organization will ensure your legacy will live on. A scholarship to a birth mother that allows her to graduate college and move on to a successful career or assistance given to a family willing to adopt a sibling group of four, keeping the brothers and sisters together will make a difference in so many lives.