Honoring Birth Mothers

Whatever term you prefer…Birth Mother, First Mother, Biological Mother, Natural Mother:

ALL of these beautiful, loving mothers deserve to be remembered. At Lifetime Adoption Foundation, this is the very heart of who we are and what we do.

Through our scholarships, we honor their sacrificial choice.

Through our clothing and toiletries, we support them as they walk through their adoption plan.

And through our educational outreach, we educate people about the loving choice of modern adoption.

Lifetime Adoption Foundation has joined forces with Moms Not Forgotten, a group that shares our heart for these loving mothers. They create “Gift of Hope” bags that they provide, free of charge, to women who have made adoption plans or are considering adoption for a baby or child. Through local community fundraising events, they have raised awareness about adoption and held beautiful events honoring birth mothers.


Here are highlights from their most recent fundraiser:

If you would like to donate in honor of adoption or birth mothers, all funds given are tax-deductible and go directly to helping these courageous mothers.