At 37, the last thing on my mind was becoming pregnant. However, when it did happen I knew that it would not have been possible for me to provide the home that a child deserves. I was a year into a divorce and my ex-husband had custody of our three children. I was leading a life of partying and irresponsibility. With only a high school education and limited job skills, how could I possibly give my child a stable home?

At fourteen weeks pregnant, I decided adoption was the only answer. Once I made the choice of adoption, I never had second thoughts. I knew I made the right decision and I still feel the same way today.

After our daughter was born, her father and I turned our lives around. We were married a week after her birth and made a promise that would make our little girl proud. My husband has a great job with very good potential. We both left the partying behind and we now focus on our family and our future.

My personal goal is to have a career as a registered nurse. Not only will I be able to manage a well-paying job, but having a college education will be a major boost for my self-esteem. I can also contribute to my family financially rather than be a burden. I need to do this for my children so they can have a better life. I always tell them how important an education is and here I sit without one. I want to be able to lead by example.

I know I will make a good nurse. With a nursing degree, I can become a productive citizen who will be helping others. My goal is to become a labor and delivery nurse. Maybe one day I will have an opportunity to help a young, scared woman make the right decision about what to do with her life.