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Thank you for considering becoming a Lifetime Adoption Angel. Taking an interest in the life of women, children, and others in need creates the opportunity to change their lives in ways that are very special. Do you have questions about our Lifetime Adoption Angel program? Please call Lifetime Adoption Foundation at 1-530-271-1756.


You need no special skills or training.

You only need to care enough to help out.


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Consider a donation of any size to help educate birth mothers or fund adoptions of hard to place children. It’s easy and safe through PayPal! Just click below:

You may also make a donation by phone or mail. You may wish to donate in someone else’s name. You can also contact us about an endowment, a donation of stock, or establishing planned giving in your will.

Donate Supplies or Inventory

Over the last thirty years, tax laws have been amended to encourage product philanthropy; including a tax incentive up to twice the cost for inventory contributed by companies to 501(c) 3 charities. To learn more about how your company can contribute to Lifetime Adoption Foundation in product donations contact the Lifetime Donation Office at 530-432-7383.


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We would love to have you provide a link back to Lifetime Adoption Foundation. As a non-profit organization, our promotion depends on your donations and generosity. We thank you for helping families and birth mothers. Through you, they have the ability to use the resources we are able to provide the adoption community.

“Placing my baby for adoption is the only thing I have ever done in my life that I am proud of. I knew I could not give her the life she deserved. Now she lives with parents who love her so much and can provide for her. It is time for me to do something else to be proud of. I am going to college so I can live a better life. It is finally time to do this… for me.”
— a birth mother applying for one of our scholarships