Searching For Things To Do For Father’s Day?

Spend Quality Time With Dad Being Rock Hounds and Hunting for Gems!


If you’ve been searching for things to do for Father’s day, look no further! Treasures in a Bag is a website devoted to providing the quality gem mining kits, tools, books and fun activity you’re looking for! Treasures in a Bag is a fun and unique experience in gem mining and gold panning.  Great for the entire family or as a pastime for yourself to relax and search for gold, gems, and minerals.  Even better is that all the money from Treasures in a Bag goes directly to fund educational scholarships for women who have chosen adoption and are looking for a better life for themselves and their child.

We travel across the United States to mine semi-precious gemstones and minerals for our Treasure Bags. Some stones are tumbled and polished and others are in their natural rough form as we found them in a collection. Some of our customers use the gems and mineral rocks for display in their rock collections, some people cut them for jewelry, or some just like to admire them. We have customers of all ages from young children to our miners in their 80’s that buy our Treasure Bags for the thrill of the treasure hunt. No two Treasure Bags are the same. New gems and minerals are added as we collect new stones and minerals.

Experience the life of a treasure hunter right at home.

Our products are packaged in the Gold Country in Northern California – where gold can still be found and is.

The perfect activity for:

  • Children and adults
  • Bonding time
  • Birthday parties (introducing kids to rock hounding early is a gift)
  • Camping trips and family gatherings
kids gem mining
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