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 Adoption processLooking to Grow Your Family Through Adoption?

Many times, families feel called to look into adoption but don’t know where to start. We are pleased to offer the book Called to Adoption as a free download for families who want to learn more about the adoption process. This book was written by Lifetime Adoption Foundation’s founder Mardie Caldwell, who is herself a mother through the miracle of adoption. She believes that there is a child for every family who wants to adopt and wrote this book to help Christian families who are seeking help on learning which adoption path is right for them. You may download this e-book by completing the form below.

In Called to Adoption, you’ll find:
    • Information about the variety of adoption options


    • Questions to answer and consider before beginning any adoption process


    • The difference between adoption professionals


    • How to fund an adoption


    • What’s your adoption journey might look like


    • An adoption glossary


    • And more



Take advantage of this free download of Called to Adoption to learn more about growing your family through adoption.
If you are pregnant and considering adoption for you baby, please click here for free adoption help.