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Brianna’s Letter

Dear Lifetime Adoption Foundation,

Foundation Scholarship applicantI would like to start out by thanking you for the scholarship you have awarded me and the opportunity that you have given me. Since I was a little girl I had always dreamed of going to college. Now thanks to all of you I have been able to begin living my dream. A college education is not a cheap thing; however to me it is essential that I live out my dreams and graduate college.

This scholarship has helped me immensely this semester. It helped with my tuition and with my books. I think that if it wasn’t for people like you in the world, my dream would have never come true. My parents aren’t helping me pay for college at all. I am on my own, which is why I continue to works as much as I can and save every penny that I make, so when I transfer to a major university I have some money to get me started. This scholarship has changed my life for the better. After the adoption, I didn’t have much self worth. But after my first semester of college coming to an end, I have regained my confidence and know that I am a very intelligent, determined woman.

There are no words that could ever explain how grateful I am for the gift you have given me. This scholarship is my savior financially and my support, by knowing that there are people like you that believe in the good that I can do. Thank you so much again. You will never know what you have done for me.



(Brianna is currently attending a college in Texas with the plan to become a Nurse.)