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Apply for a Lifetime Scholarship


Thank you for your interest in the Lifetime Foundation Scholarship program. We appreciate the opportunity to support you in reaching your academic goals!


Criteria for Lifetime Adoption Foundation Scholarship Application

application lifetime foundation1. Applications and supporting material must be received, if possible, three months prior to the start of classes to ensure processing. The scholarship recipients will be notified by mail, and the scholarship will be sent to the school noted on your application for the next term.
2. The applicant must apply for the scholarship. Applications cannot be accepted from a third party.
3. Applicant must show proof of part-time or full-time enrollment or intention of enrollment in an educational institution or trade school in order to qualify. Proof of enrollment would include:

  • Notification from the registrar’s office
  • Class schedule that has your name and ID number
  • A letter of acceptance from your school, or a letter of acceptance to an institution or trade school.

Prior to the scholarship being sent, there must be verification of registration and/or enrollment for the next term.
application lifetime foundation
4. Applicants must be drug free and have a current C (or higher) grade point average.
5. Applicant must be a birth mother that has placed a child for adoption anytime after 1990. Records prior to this year are difficult to verify.
We must have verification of the adoption from the adoption professional that handled the adoption. A woman whose adoption has not been legally finalized is not eligible for the purposes of this scholarship.
6. An essay of approximately 400 words that includes the answers to the five following statements:

  • How I became a birth parent
  • My biggest challenge as a birth parent student is…
  • What my education means to me and my family.
  • Why I feel I should be awarded this scholarship.
  • How this scholarship will make a difference in my life.

All submission materials become the property of Lifetime Adoption Foundation and will not be returned to you. We may publish your essay in print or electronically, changing identifying information to help and inspire others.
Questions? Please contact us.


Application for College Scholarship

All questions on this application will need to completely filled out to be considered for the scholarship.


    About the Applicant

    Today's date:





    Zip code:

    Telephone (home):

    Cell phone:

    Email address*:

    Name of spouse (if applicable):

    Marriage date:

    Your employer:

    Names and birth dates of any children living with you:


    About the Adoption

    Date adoption finalized:

    Adopted child's date of birth:

    Adoptive family name:

    State of adoption:

    Name of your attorney:

    Address (of attorney):

    State (of attorney):

    Zip code (of attorney):

    Phone number (of attorney):

    Agency/facilitator name:

    Address (of agency/facilitator):

    State (of agency/facilitator):

    Zip code (of agency/facilitator):

    Phone number (of agency/facilitator):


    School or College Information

    Name of accredited college/school of choice:

    Major or area of study:

    Term/semester to start:

    Tuition amount (full amount for one semester):

    Book amount:

    Scholarship amount requesting ($500 max):

    Expected graduation date:

    School Scholarship Coordinator Name:

    School address:

    City (of school/college):

    State (of school/college):

    Zip code (of school/college):

    Contact number (of school/college):


    Income Report

    Please indicate total yearly income amounts earned or received during the last calendar year, January 1 through December 31. Please complete all entries, indicating "0" or "N/A" where appropriate. Use your best estimates of income.

    Income earned, including from business if self-employed:

    Income earned by spouse, if applicable:

    Social security benefits received by student in student's own name:

    Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC, ADC) benefits received by student

    Child support received by student for any dependant children:

    Other income received by student (and spouse):


    Cash you received or any money paid on your behalf:

    Welfare (except AFDC or ADC listed above):

    Veterans' non-educational benefits received:

    Housing, food, and other living allowances (excluding rent subsidies for low income housing for military, clergy, and others):

    Workers Compensation and/or disability benefits:

    Alimony/spousal support:

    Unemployment compensation:

    Other income (please describe):


    What kind of support will you have through this program:

    How will you manage financially:

    Who do you look to for emotional support?


    To help us meet your needs, please share with us.
    Please remember there are no right or wrong answers-describe your own feelings.

    How did you handle the challenges you faced as a birth parent?

    What are your goals for the future?

    Tell us how a scholarship will help you achieve your goals.

    How did you find or hear about Lifetime Adoption Foundation*:

    Are you interested in receiving a Google
    Chromebook for college?

    Yes, I'm interested in receiving one


    Things to Remember:

    These items need to be faxed or mailed to the Lifetime Adoption Foundation.

    Fax number: (530) 432-7379
    Mailing address: Lifetime Adoption Foundation, PO Box 1116, Nevada City, CA 95959

    • Letter or statement from the registrar’s office as proof of enrollment or acceptance at your place of education.

    • Transcripts or grade report from your high school or college showing a 2.0 or above grade average.

    • Proof of Adoption from your professional or the Court. Click here to download the needed form attesting this information.

    • Acknowledgement that you are not using illegal drugs. Click here to download this form.

    • Signed form certifying that the information you provided on your application is complete and accurate. Click here to download this form.

    • School program flyers (if available)

    • Other information regarding your previous education and future goals!

    • An essay of approximately 400 words that includes the answers to the five following statements:
      1.  How I became a birth parent
      2.  My biggest challenge as a birth parent student is…
      3.  What my education means to me and my family.
      4.  Why I feel I should be awarded this scholarship.
      5.  How this scholarship will make a difference in my life.